What We're Reading: June 5

We read a lot of articles about local government, public sector innovation, open government, urban planning, and social justice. Since we often relate these articles to things happening locally here in Orange County and the Triangle, we thought we'd start sharing them from time to time. Here's what we read this week:

  • More lanes in Houston, and longer travel times: Critical lesson from Houston here. More travel lanes do not solve traffic problems. Given how often we talk about traffic in local planning, we really need to accept this fact and plan accordingly.
  • Metro Transit roles out vastly improved bus stop signs:These new bus signs in Minneapolis are awesome - and something that would vastly improve our bus stops.
  • Calgary approves 167 condos, 0 parking spaces: Calgary is a suburban city that is leading the way when it comes to transit-oriented development and getting people to use transit over their cars. This approval is just another example of their vision for where Calgary is going rather than focusing on where it's been - something we would do well to follow in our community.
  • San Francisco is doomed: A cautionary tale for growing U.S. cities: As activists in San Francisco advocate for a moratorium on new construction, Shane Phillips charts the paths that lie ahead for the city - and what other cities should consider to avoid the same fate.
  • How zoning reveals our deeper cultural values: This is a book review, but it's a great, quick read about how zoning differs between the U.S. and Europe, with some real insight into how broken our processes are, and how they often fail most Americans.

What are you reading this week? What do you think about what we've been reading? Share in the comments.


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