Indy Week Endorses in Chapel Hill, School Board Races

Indy Week has released its endorsements for Chapel Hill Town Council and Chapel Hill-Carrboro School Board. The paper will not issue endorsements for Carrboro or Hillsborough.

The endorsed candidates are as follows:

Chapel Hill Mayor

  • Mark Kleinschmidt

Chapel Hill Town Council

  • Jessica Anderson
  • Donna Bell
  • Michael Parker
  • Jim Ward

Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools Board of Education

  • Rani Dasi
  • Pat Heinrich
  • Annetta Streater
  • Theresa Watson



CHTC David Schwartz Jim Ward Jessica Anderson Nancy Oates  CHCCS Gregg Gerdau ,Rani  Dasi, Pat Heinrich ,Margaret Samuels

I am disappointed at the Indy's CHCCS School Board endorsements.  How could they pass over Margaret Samuels with all she's done for the district in favor of a candidate who has not attended a single board meeting this year!  What were they thinking?  


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