Chapel Hill Hosts Open Data Event This Saturday

In case you missed it, the Town of Chapel Hill launched an open data portal this past summer, joining several other local area Triangle governments who have made strides in releasing government data to the public in an easily consumable fashion. Data sets range from fire incidents to library circulation to budget data, and hopefully we'll see more added over time. Even if you're new to working with data, the portal includes some basic charting and map-building functionality that are simple enough that almost anyone can use them.

This Saturday, the town is hosting an event to bring together interested parties to figure out what kinds of interesting things can be done with the data, explore, and build something cool. I'll be there and I hope you will too.

Saturday, January 14th
10:00am - 4:00pm
Chapel Hill Public Library
100 Library Drive, Chapel Hill NC 27514

A session for academics, business entrepreneurs, civic hackers, and you. The Town of Chapel Hill welcomes you to celebrate the new open data portal, explore public info, and kickoff a collaborative challenge to help create innovative community solutions.


For those interested in making a difference, positive social impact, civic activism, government transparency, open data sets, developing new products, developing skill sets, developing strong smart communities. No experience required.


Innovation often comes from unlikely places. Let's come together to:

  • Discuss and identify important community issues
  • Goal match data sets
  • Build engagement tools for success


Just saw that bike counter data has been added to the opendata site. Very cool!


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