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Town Manager's Memo on Yates Raid: What Controversy?

Two months later, Chapel Hill Town Manager Roger Stancil has published his memorandum to the Town Council, outlining his "conclusions, actions and recommendations" related to the occupation of and subsequent police raid at the Yates Motor Company building on W. Franklin St. last November. It's an impressively bland endorsement of paramilitary police action, largely devoid of content. Stancil wastes no time in reaching the conclusion you may have expected him to reach—that the police did everything right and nothing wrong—and that if anything needs to happen as a result of these events, it's that the CHPD should adopt a new media relations policy.

Internationalist Books 25th Birthday Party

Join us at Open Eye Café (101 S. Greensboro St. in Carrboro) on Thursday, November 2nd for a good time, good people, and good cakes. We'll be celebrating our twenty-five years of activism and twenty-five years of community support. We will be auctioning off twenty-five cakes, of all shapes and types (some vegan!). Join us for a fun evening of cake, coffee, and sparkling wine, as well as friends and community.

We will also be presenting a first look at our Hidden Histories of Chapel Hill project, which compiles 25 chapters of local history that you probably didn't learn about in school: Floyd Council, laborers at Carr Mill, the 1937 riot, Junius Irving Scales, Elizabeth Cotten, the UNC Speaker Ban, King Nyle, the Journey of Reconciliation, Bob Brown, Joe Straley, Rosemary Ezra, Charlotte Adams and many more.

Internationalist Books & Community Center


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