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Carrboro:  New Park or Double Cemetery?

The Town owns all 9 acres at Fidelity & Davie behind the Farmer's Market:  cemetery, meadow, woods.  Public Works has been planning to devour that meadow by packing 1762 more graves into it.  No public notifications have been given.  Fortunately the current Carrboro Connects comprehensive planning project welcomes input on formulating *theoretical* aspirations, such as *equity* in walkable green space.  (All 3 big green Carrboro parks are north of Main Street.) 

Tuesday's Town Council hearing on Carrboro Connect's 2nd draft of their 20 year plan provide an opening for green space advocates:  We ought to finally get a real park on our multifamily side of town!  We're not subhuman because we're in grad school or are divorced or retired.  This is a complicated subject.  I apologize in advance for not attempting to explaining it with a blog discussion.  For more information please dig into my website (below), which proposes some cemetery solutions for our remaining long term local families.  It has my land line number on it. 

Keeping Bolin Woods asphalt-free

If you enjoy Carrboro's asphalt-free Bolin Woods as-is, please try to see Charlie Morris's new documentary "Bolin Creek Unpaved" at the Oasis on Friday or at the Station on Monday (put on by Townsend-Bertram) .. it was a real eye-opener for me!  The first showing on a Sunday afternoon at the ArtsCenter on January 15 nearly sold out their theatre .. 350 people paid $11.50 each and gave it well-earned sustained applause.  There was an article on the film in the Daily Tarheel on January 23, and the DTH ran my letter on January 27:

Urgent: Please help us move Carrboro's Google hub from cemetery to OWASA

Our group has collected 332 signatures near the Farmer's Market on 2 Saturdays and 3 Wednesdays.  Our last chance with the Carrboro Aldermen is June 21.  We need your help now to address this new "profits over people" environmental social injustice.

Land use decisions are to made deliberately, after public input.  But Silicon Valley's wealth is pushing their ASAP culture onto communities and disrupting local procedures (e.g. Uber).  To attain market dominance, Google Fiber imposes rules that speed the sitings of its internet relay facilities:  Since towns control permits, Google will not partner with utility districts.  Google allows towns to nominate only sites that towns own directly.  Towns don't own much land, so parks and urban green spaces get nominated.


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