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Election Maps 2011: Chapel Hill-Carrboro School Board

Here are our maps of the school board election results. Although they don't tell as interesting a story as the Chapel Hill maps, I wouldn't want to disappoint James Barrett by neglecting to publish them.

Election Maps 2011: Chapel Hill Town Council

Something happens when I make these maps. So much time goes into pulling them together, I finish without the energy to engage in a lot of commentary. But I know the rest of you election geeks can do the job, so...

First, the table below shows the number of precincts in which the leading candidates came in first, second, third, and fourth places.

Change Local Bike Laws in Carrboro

An announcement from the Carrboro Bicycle Coalition:

Did you know that Carrboro's town code for bicyclists is actually stricter than North Carolina state law?

Live Blog: PTA-NAACP-PAGE School Board Candidate Forum

The Chapel Hill-Carrboro school district PTA Council, the Chapel Hill-Carrboro chapter of the NAACP Education Committee, and the Chapel Hill-Carrboro chapter of Partners for the Advancement of Gifted Education (PAGE) are jointly hosting a school board candidate forum this evening at Chapel Hill Town Hall. OP editor Damon Seils live-blogs.

Lloyd Property Comes to Carrboro Advisory Boards

Carrboro's joint advisory board on September 1 reviewed a concept plan for a large commercial development on 40 acres at the intersection of NC Highway 54 and Old Fayetteville Road. Residents of southern Orange County know the property as the Lloyd farm. Cows still roam what is one of the last large parcels of relatively undeveloped land in the town. What people may not know is that the southeastern portion of the property, across from Carrboro Plaza, is also the last remaining property in Carrboro zoned for large-scale commercial development.



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