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CH Transit Financial Sustainability presentation Monday evening

Chapel Hill Transit Director Brian Litchfield, joined by consultants from Nelson/Nygaard Associates, will present to a Town Council work session at 6 PM January 5th, in Room B of the Public Library, on the draft "Transit Strategic and Financial Sustainability Plan."

Link to the work session materials:


The work session will open with a presentation (no materials yet available) by Budget Management Director Ken Pennoyer, "Economic and Financial Update."  This will be the first of two or three presentations this month in preparation for the Council's annual planning retreat, January 30th and 31st.

Better late than never

Having been gently admonished by Ruby for being (my term) a stick in the mud, finally have a campaign website that will stay up and not vanish. Well, it might drop out a for a few minutes here and there.

 Like me, it's low key and generally straightforward, and intends to do the job it's expected to do. 


Given how long it took for the Daily Tar Heel staff to realize there were local elections this year (Monday afternoon this week for news, Thursday morning for editorial), I don't feel like such a procrastinator. Maybe they figured out earlier, but that's when I heard from them. 


Kirk Ross on Bloomington, his home town

I wish Kirk Ross had published "A Tale of Two Towns" a week earlier, before 75 or so of us went to Bloomington.

I gently lobbied Kirk to sign up for the trip in late May when it was announced, and he was essentially non-responsive. It looked to be pricey, even with a scholarship, and Kirk's journalistic mission nowadays appears to be mostly NC politics, which he covers well and which needs covering well.  

New poll released on transit attitudes in Orange and Wake Counties

This arrived in the last hour from Triangle Transit staff. Interesting timing for the Commissioners' meeting!


The Regional Transportation Alliance is out with its spring 2012 survey of potential voters in Orange and Wake counties on transit improvements.

 In a nutshell:

            Nearly 60% of Orange County voters support a sales tax for transit; this year the number of respondents in Orange opposing the measure fell to its lowest level ever

 In Wake, numbers remain above 50%; support has dropped slightly since 2010; 70% of those questioned say they believe they would benefit from improved transit whether or not they use it. 

A link to the news release and all crosstabs from this year and past polling periods can be found here:


The 2012 news release is here:

Presentation on Chapel Hill's future transit network on Friday

The Chapel Hill 2020 process has a special presentation on Friday 2/10 at noon in Town Council Chambers,
" The Light Rail and Bus Rapid Transit: Chapel Hill's Future Transit Network."
Here's a link to the PR: 
Based on much experience with presenter David Bonk, even though he'll be dressed in a suit, he will be plenty willing to move the event into informal discussion. I'm hoping for some turnout, as I believe the local public needs to get more familiar with these alternatives as the Orange Commissioners move now into finalizing a bus and rail plan. 
I plan to attend, traveling there and back by bicycle on what promises to be a nice day weatherwise.
 BTW, thanks for folks starting to pay much attention to the Orange Commissioners' discussions, including attending and speaking at their meetings. The work session at Southern Human Services Center next Tuesday night won't have public comment, but should have interesting discussion.



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