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Marshall Defeats Burr, NC Has Two Democratic Senators

A blog entry on the NC senate race may be a bit outside the scope for the OP but I have been so encouraged by the recent polling data showing both Marshall and Cunningham in statistical ties with Burr and with low approval rating for Burr thatI was inspired to write this entry.  The title is just vision for a newspaper headline on an enjoyable Wednesday morning next November. 

I personally have been supporting Elain Marshall since the day she announced and think she will be a great senator for NC.  I recently recieved an e-mail from her campaign lamenting that Cal Cunningham did not drop out.  I think there may be an upside from the run off in that it will generate extra local and national press coverage.  It reminds me a bit of the discussion of the Clinton-Obama primary contest.  Many people were calling for Clinton to drop out so that Obama could focus on November.  However, the primary contest generated a lot of interest and in the end, Obama won.

 However wins the run-off next month I hope you will all join me in GOTV efforts next fall.  We have a really strong change to put NC firmly in the blue with to democratic senators.

PTA Council School Board Forum - An Endorsement for Gucciardi

I attended the well-run, PTA Council School Board Forum last night.  Many thanks to all of the candidates putting time, effort, and emotional energy into putting forth their vision on how to continue to improve our school system.  As advertised by my neighbors Ms. Brownstein knows policy, has a history of school involvement, and communcates her commitment to schools and children clearly and passionately.  My expectation is that she will receive the most votes, including mine, and will be an excellent school board member.

Future Vision for Chapel Hill

 First to be clear I am supporting Mark Kleinschmidt for mayor.  Below is a link to a letter I wrote to the Chapel Hill News supporting Mark is you wish to read it.

 In my last blog I challenged the assertion made by councilman Czajowski that rising taxes were impacting the demographics of Chapel Hill in a manner which was reducing diversity in town.  I also thought, given that property taxes are being raised by several candidates in the race, that it would be good to review them.  Please check me if I am in error, but I believe the current tax rate for someone living in Chapel Hill (as I do) is:

Fact Checking Matt Czajkowski's Web Site

The first statement you find on Matt Czajkowski's web site is:

"It is very clear that the property tax burden has become unsustainable. Many of the very people who have contributed to making Chapel Hill a special place are now being forced to consider leaving our town, counter to our cherished goal of preserving diversity at all levels."

Being an engineer and a numbers person I wondered two things.  What was the data used to support the statement that diversity in the town was declining and, if so, what is the basis for connecting this to the property tax?

10 Acre Lot Question

I have been following up on my previous blog regarding small farm development in Orange County.  A key to any successful entireprise is being covered by the NC Bona Fide Farm statute.   I find the statute wording to be confusing, but a key provision is that 10 acres of land needs to be comprised of land in production or contiguous woodlands or wetlands.  Based on this rule, the minimum practical size for a Bona Fide farm in NC is approximately 11 acres, 10 to meet the rule in the statue and at leasts an acre for buildings and roads. 



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