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Talking about Race in Orange County - Undoing Racism training

I am midway through a two-day workshop called 'Undoing Racism', which is being held at and co-sponsored by the United Church of Chapel Hill. We have over 35 people attending the workshop including UNC grad students, staff, researchers, and community partners, a handful of Justice United members, a teacher from the Chapel Hill-Carrboro School District, staff from Active Living By Design, and parishioners and clergy from the UCCH and it's sister church, Fisher Memorial (a Black church in Durham).

This workshop is providing a lot of food for thought about how racism was constructed and is perpetuated. Seems to me this might be a really good opportunity to get some much needed community discussisons about race started.

Below (More Information) is a link for more information on the workshop. 

What do you think? Would you attend? Should community groups, such as Justice United and/or Justice In Action co-sponsor something like this? Is it even needed? 



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