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On Campus Early Voting Being Challenged by the Republican Majority

Great Saturday Morning “Coffee Conversations with your Commissioner” this morning. The conversation focused on the OCBOE’s possible attempt to move early voting off the UNC Campus. The R-majority would like to move the voting site to the Chapel Hill Public Library citing complications with parking and access for any campus sites. The Rams Head Dining Hall site has already been voted off the list, as a matter of fact it never made the list. I think having early voting at the CH library is a fine idea to relieve the so called parking and access pressure, however, that should be in conjunction with an early voting site on campus, NOT instead of. Linda Convissor, UNC’s Community Relations Director is working with the BOE to identify additional sites and we are hoping for a positive outcome. Students at UNC should not be disenfranchised; we all witnessed the Wataga BOE in action. Please pay attention to this evolving story.

Closed "Y" Board meetings

This is from Bob Epting -  

Dear Friends,

Would you please, please, please take time to go to the link below,as well as my attached letter to the Y Board President, and vote to support our petition asking the Board of Directors either to back up and make the process inclusive, or to call a general membership vote to change the by-laws of the Y, so as to open their Board meetings, and so as to require membership participation in facilities closure determinations.

And would you please send this on to five others, and ask them to send on to five others each.

Nancy Oates

Sad to hear about Nancy Oates's mother who passed away this week. My mom lives with me and I know I would be at a great loss if she were to die. My thoughts go out to Nancy and her family.


Opposition to House Bill 777 Senate Bill 106

Please show your support Monday night at the Town Council meeting for this resolution opposing NC's proposed anti-gay-marriage consituional amendment. This resolution will be introduced by Mayor Mark Kleinschmidt and myself. Tell the NCGA we want to stop moving backwards. 

A Resolution in Opposition to Senate Bill 106 and House Bill 777 in the North Carolina General Assembly

WHEREAS, Same-sex marriage is currently a right in ten countries including the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Canada, South Africa, Norway, Sweden, Portugal, Iceland, Argentina and six U.S. States including Massachusetts, Connecticut, Iowa, Vermont, New Hampshire, New York, and the District of Columbia; and

How will the new UDO impact the rural buffer?

Orange County is proposing to create a new Unified Development Ordinance which would combine and replace all of their existing laws about zoning and property development.  At the some time some changes are being proposed to several long-range planning tools. This document was posted on the County Web page in November and is pretty massive in size, close to 800 pages.

Currently, Chapel Hill, Carrboro, and the County have a rural buffer which limits sprawl at the edges of our towns. I'm concerned about how the UDO might affect the buffer, so I've taken a few steps to prompt some discussion of the matter.



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