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Lavelle to make announcement tomorrow, other mayoral rumblings?

Carrboro Alderperson Lydia Lavelle is scheduled to make an announcement to the public and the press tomorrow in front of Town Hall. She has long been discussed as the successor to Mayor Mark Chilton who previously announced that he would not be running for re-election after this term.

Finally, an opportunity to give money to County Government!

Orange County's new Community Giving Fund isn't what it sounds like. You might think a "community giving fund" would give to the community. Which would make sense. Instead people are supposed to donate toward the same County government to which we already pay property, sales, vehicle taxes as well as other fees.  Do other governmental bodies solicit donations in this way? What if donors' priorities don't match those of the commissioners or the staff?

Can I donate to support the recycling program that Manager Clifton is trying to cancel, or toward a walkable library in Carrboro? Or perhaps we could take up a collection to hire some qualified planning staff for the County.

Election Day, no really

If you live in Carrboro, you will be selecting your newest member of the Board of Aldermen today. Now, it's true you only have one option, but it's a really good one!

For the rest of us, there's not much to do but speculate about the turnout and celebrate Damon's victory. How many voters do you think will cast ballots today?

New, big CHPL almost ready

The library will be closing today to move back into their building which has been renovated and greatly expanded. Are you excited?

Chapel Hill Public LIbrary Expansion Project from Town of Chapel Hill, NC on Vimeo.

Thank you for epic community service, Chad Johnston

Chad Johnston is the director of Chapel Hill's grassroots public access station The People's Channel. Not many people truly know the scope of the contributions he has made toward democratizing media both in Orange County and in Orange County. Sadly he's leaving us to run a station in a bigger community. The Independent Weekly has a wonderful cover story about him this week, and the public is invited to a potluck to say farewell to Chad tonight at the TPC studio on Elliot Road. If you can't attend in person, you can watch it live on TV!

I highly recommend reading the Indy article which gives a sense of how Chad has gone to bat to protect community media at the state level, as well as the thankless work of building and sustaining capacity for grassroots voices to be heard both in Orange and Durham Counties.



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