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Time to do something about 201 N Greensboro, the "CVS Eyesore"

After five years of looking at the chain-link fence and deteriorating building on the corner of Weaver and Greensboro Streets, I'm starting to get irritated. Isn't it about time to take some action?

The town seems impotent- they are glad to "facilitate a conversation", but that's about it. Meanwhile, CVS's developer, Mark Pantlin, told a group of us that he is planning on submitting a scaled-down plan to squeeze a CVS on the property. He also said he would- as a show of good faith- "clean up" the property, but then renigged. From an email string:

> I will be happy to clean up the site upon receiving the Rezone but not before. I've made that clear to the Town staff as well. Rezone in exchange for a clean up.
> That's because of the excessive monies already spent by both myself and CVS for approvals and nothing to show for it.

So if we bend over he will "remove the eyesore", but not before. We can not take him at his word, he has proven that. Pantlin claims to control the property for CVS, and is not the least bit interested in what the community needs or wants.

What can we do?


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