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Tell Governor McCrory to Hold Duke Energy Responsible for the Spill They Caused

It has been over a month since the Duke Energy coal ash spill and we are still finding new leaks. The cost of cleaning up this ecological disaster will be in the millions and North Carolina taxpayers should not have to shoulder the burden. 

New polling from PPP shows that 79% of Democrats and Republicans agree, Duke Energy shareholders, not taxpayers or customers, should pay to clean up the coal ash spill. 

Town Hall Series: Let your voice be heard!

As the new State Senator, especially one appointed by a committee, I feel an obligation to proactively engage my new constituents and give them the opportunity to voice their concerns. One of my favorite quotes is by Alastair Farrugia, "Freedom is when the people can speak;  democracy is when the government listens." I take that to heart and I hope these Town Hall meetings can be a positive conversation about how to move our state forward. We face a lot of challenges and I also want the opportunity to present my progressive agenda for the upcoming session. I understand the political realities of the General Assembly, but it's critical that we begin to articulate a Democratic agenda and fight back against the intolerant and harmful policies the legislature has given us. 
Here are the dates, times and locations of the Town Hall events:

Moving to the Senate

Last Wednesday I was sworn in to the North Carolina Senate, filling the vacancy created by Senator Ellie Kinnaird’s retirement. I was humbled and honored by the committee’s decision Sunday as well as the outpouring of support I’ve received in the last few weeks.

I’d like to take the opportunity to thank Sen. Kinnaird for her continued service to North Carolina, to the members of the State Senate District Executive Committee for trusting me with their vote, and to the entire Democratic Party for running a fair and honest process.

I want you to know that I see this new position as a responsibility. Senate District 23 is the progressive core of North Carolina and we need a legislator who is both a passionate advocate for liberal causes, following the example set by Ellie Kinnaird, and also effective in a hostile environment.


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