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Chapel Hill Fake News

Today's Chapel Hill News published a letter by someone named Yelena Francis equating the people who protested at the Silent Sam statue on Sept 1 with Russian Communists who destroyed Tsarist statues.  The newspaper gave this letter the title "Leftist déjà vu" and place it just below an amateurish cartoon showing Silent Sam being carted away and replaced by a statue of Dean Smith.

This pisses me off for one simple reason:

The students did not call for the removal of Silent Sam, and the Chapel Hill News should know this.

They called for a plaque to be placed on the side of the statue explaining when and why the statue had been erected and what it represented and still represents.  They were wise enough to realize that we need to keep Silent Sam and learn from it over and over.

An Open Letter to BJ Lawson

BJ, when you first started running against David Price, George W Bush was still president of our country and the leader of your party.  You seemed different, a breath of fresh air - you talked about the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and seemed to have some idea of the dangers of powerful government.  As a civil libertarian, I wanted to find out more about you, so I contacted you and we had a wonderful three-hour breakfast meeting where we seemed to agree on a lot of principles and issues.  After that we met once, perhaps twice, for more pleasant and stimulating conversations.  I even invited you to a liberal political group, where you impressed other liberals with your apparent earnestness and even with some of your ideas.

At one point I asked you why you belonged to the Republican Party.  You replied that the party was broken, ripe for takeover.   That sounded reasonable, given the ways that a Republican President and Congress had tossed away a budget surplus and gone to war against a country that hadn't attacked us.  That Republican Party is dangerous, I said, and you seemed to agree.

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