All Carrboro Precincts of the Orange County Democratic Party Candidates Forum


Monday, October 10, 2011 - 7:00pm to 8:30pm


Room 110, Carrboro Town Hall


Carrboro Precincts of Orange County Democratic Party Host Only Forum Dedicated to Board of Aldermen Candidates October 10Only Opportunity this Fall to Hear Exclusively from Carrboro Candidates CARRBORO -- The Carrboro precincts of the Orange County Democratic Party (OCDP) will host the only community forum dedicated exclusively to the Carrboro Board of Aldermen candidates on Monday October 10.  The forum will be held from 7PM-830PM in Carrboro Town Hall room 110.  Each Board of Aldermen candidate, Dan Coleman, Braxton Foushee, Michelle Johnson, and Lydia Lavelle, has confirmed they will attend. The Carrboro OCDP precincts hosting the forum are Carrboro, Damascus, Dogwood Acres, Lions Club, North Carrboro, OWASA, and Town Hall (only a portion of the Damascus and Dogwood Acres precincts vote in Carrboro elections). The forum will feature a two minute opening statement from the candidates, 40 minutes for questions from the moderators, 40 minutes for questions from the audience, and a one minute closing statement from the candidates.  “This is the only forum this election season to focus exclusively on Carrboro issues.  It is also a great opportunity to hear where the candidates stand on the community’s pressing issues and have their questions answered,” says OCDP Town Hall precinct chair Chris Brook.

HI Graig. I don't understand what y'all mean by "This is the only forum this election season to focus exclusively on Carrboro issues." There are four other forums for aldermen candidates. They are listed at and the only one that is combined with other races was the Orange County Democratic Women's forum. 


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