Big Green Bus visits Carrboro


Monday, June 22, 2009 - 11:00am to 3:00pm

The Big Green BusThe Big Green Bus visits Carrboro
Monday, June 22 3-7pm

The bus will be parked here, a block from Weaver Street Market on Roberson Street, behind the Armadillo Grill and next to the Fire & Rescue Building.

Taking the all-American road-trip to the next level, 15 Dartmouth College students embark on a cross-country summer adventure to educate America about sustainability and green living. Dartmouth’s Big Green Bus, once a rag-tag creation of the university’s engineering and ultimate Frisbee communities, is unveiling a coach bus specially-converted to run on waste vegetable oil. This year’s bus has been transformed into a state-of-the-art “green” mobile classroom for sustainable living, suited for the more than 40 educational stops planned across the country.

For more information, see the Big Green Bus website.

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