Bill of Rights Day


Saturday, December 15, 2007 - 7:00am to 8:00am

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Reading of the Bill of Rights, Noon, December 15, BILL OF RIGHTS DAY, Peace and Justice Plaza (corner of Henderson and East Franklin Streets), Chapel Hill. Proclamations read from Orange County Commissioners, Chapel Hill Town Council, and Carrboro Town Aldermen. Organized by NC Senator Ellie Kinnaird to honor Joe Herzenberg. 929-1607.


Sorry to have missed this event in Joe's honor. I was out of town for family emergency.  I have so many fond memories of Joe, it would have been grand to hear others and to share with those who knew Joe so much better than I did.

While we served on the Board of Directors for the AIDS Service Agency of Orange County, one of my fondest memories of Joe was his playful description of Chapel Hill as "East Carrboro," to complement Jacquie Gist, referring to Carrboro as "West Chapel Hill."

We all know the background of that reference, but what I loved about Joe (and still do about Jacquie) is the irreverence and humor that he always brought to this public service.

Perhaps we could create the annual Joe Herzenberg Get-Over-Yourself Award to be presented each year at Halloween, to mark his passing and remind us all that the masks we wear are just that.  Hmmm.


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