Occupy Chapel Hill/Carrboro


Saturday, October 15, 2011 - 10:30am


Peace and Justice Plaza, Franklin St. Post Office, 179 East Franklin Street, Chapel Hill


I went to an Occupy Durham and Occupy Raleigh event on Sunday.  At both events people expressed they were happy to see the crowds were larger than before.  And from the sounds of it the 15th will be even larger. This is a movement on the rise. But we also need make sure that in addition to the important first amendment right expressions going on through the protests, that steps are taken to bring about the change being sought.  I like this picture I saw on facebook as an expression of that: 

Yes, the energy at last Sunday's planning session was very positive.  I hope more of you will show up this coming Saturday.  Organization is planned to begin at 10:30, but I expect it will be closer to 11 before discussions actually start.  Be patient. Discussions that include all participants are bound to be long ones.  It is okay for a subject to be thoroughly hashed out, and to allow everyone to speak their piece.  All input has value.  So be prepared to stay a while.  Bring a chair, if you wish, as I will do for myself.  And a hat to shade you from the sun!There will be lots of people on the street who are going to the UNC football game so if you plan to drive be prepared to hunt for parking.  I look forward to seeing you.vicki boyer 


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