Occupy Chapel Hill/Carrboro Solidarity March


Thursday, November 17, 2011 - 7:30pm


Peace and Justice Plaza

From occupychapelhill.org:

When: November 17, 2011 @ 7:30 pm - 8:30 pm
Where: P & J Plaza, 179 E Franklin St, Chapel Hill,NC 27514, USA

Join us after GA for a march in international solidarity!

This is part of an international day of action celebrating the 2 month anniversary of Occupy Wall Street.




I went to this march to support the Occupy movement in general and Occupy Chapel Hill-Carrboro in particular. I saw several others there with this perspective, but was really disappointed to see that the militant anarchist folks who took over the Yates Building last weekend seemed to take over this march as well. The drum line was awesome, but the chants were childish. I even heard one guy yell "f*ck the police" while the police were blocking off the street for us to cross! (Selected against?) The march took off early and moved fast, which left a several Occupy supporters behind. I talked with some of them when we returned to Peace & Justice Plaza. Some dialog/speechifying broke out and I was particularly sad to see the anarchokids shouting down a woman saying "nonviolence! we need to be peaceful." Occupy is a broad movement, and accordingly the Occupy CHC people have respectfully included the anarchist block and their ideas into the occupation. But it's clear that this is not a two-way street, as the vocal anarchists refuse to show respect for people who don't agree with their tactics and messages. If this continues to be the scene at Occupy CHC, any last vestiges of maturity will soon be gone and we will have nothing left but a group of belligerent, immature, and inconsiderate activists who are spoiling for a fight. It probably won't be long before they get one.


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