OP regulars on WCHL election coverage


Tuesday, November 3, 2009 - 1:00pm to 5:00pm


1360 AM, 1360wchl.com, & Town Hall Grill in Southern Village

Several of the OP regulars will be guests on WCHL as they cover the election results tomorrow. Tune in to hear the dulcet tones and considered opinions of Mark Marcoplos, Fred Black, Tom Jensen, Nancy Oates, and yours truly. You are also encouraged to call in with your own comments and analysis at 929-9245.

From an e-mail from news director LMT

 The plan is to have a pre-election result conversation: rehashing of the election season, discussion of issues facing both Carrboro and Chapel Hill, overview of candidates and respective platform, and action plan for the newly elected officials. Then a discussion and analysis of the election results, as they come in, followed by a post-election wrap up.

The conversation will be lead by Ron Stutts and Community Government Reporter Elizabeth Friend.

We have invited commentators that we feel will provide a balanced discussion [...] We welcome lively and respectful discussion that best represents topics and opinions that have been discussed within the community.



We'll be at the Town Hall Grill.I'll buy you a beer, Fred!

I live a couple of blocks away from there and will be working the polling location at near by Scroggs School.Where I grew up, they closed the taverns on election day!John Rees

Apparently they close bars there on election days.  My wife and I were travelling through the airport there one year and it was a primary day.  If you're in the airport drinking, odds are you aren't going to vote in AZ later, but still we couldn't get anything to numb the pain of a long delay.

So, aside from the afterparty, what's going on tomorrow?  I'm taking the day off from work to be at my polling place (First Baptist Church), and perhaps roaming the nearby precincts or onto campus, depending on the turnout and how things unfold.  How about y'all?


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