Announcing Orange Grapevine

Announcing Orange Grapevine, a new general discussion forum for residents of Orange County and interested persons in the adjoining counties, Alamance, Chatham and Eastern Durham

ORANGE GRAPEVINE ("the grapevine")

Announcing Orange Grapevine, a new general discussion forum for
residents of Orange County and interested persons in adjoining counties.

This mailing list, hosted by ibiblio and mirrored by a blog, group and
website provided by Google will offer people living in or near Orange
County a collection of resources they can use to discuss and exchange
resources on a wide variety of topics of interest to them. A short list
of those topics might include the following:

local news

local politics: campaigns, candidates and elected politicians, political

local government: local issues, Q&A, RFI, suggestions and
recommendations, news

announce, promote and recommend local businesses, yours or others
classifieds (sell, buy, donate, barter)

Hello and welcome!

Hello, all! I'm Sarah Morayati, a UNC senior and former Daily Tar Heel reporter. I've followed OP for a while now, and now I'm covering local government and development for Reesenews, the news/multimedia website the UNC journalism school just launched.

Right now we're planning out our coverage focuses for the coming year, and even though we're only a week or two past launch, we'd love to hear your thoughts about how we can better serve the community.

In particular, we're hoping to be able to use the freedom that comes with our online platform to provide more in-depth coverage of news and issues. This can happen through long-form articles and series, experimental story forms, multimedia, etc. -- whatever works. Is there anything you'd like to see more of? Less of? Issues or news topics that have gone under-reported or covered too briefly?

Let us know what thoughts you have -- either here, on Twitter or by email (sarah [dot] morayati [at] reesenews [dot] org). We're listening!

BlogTogether Birthday Bash

I'll be there!

The BlogTogether Birthday Bash will be a free event open to writers and readers in North Carolina. Our goal: to celebrate all the bloggers in the Triangle — no matter how short or long you’ve been at it.

So come ready to meet your blogging heroes, introduce yourself to new friends, and enjoy the diversity of our regional blogging activities (education, politics, technology, food, faith, and so much more). 


Tuesday, October 19, 2010 - 2:30pm


1007 West Main Street, Durham

Joe Phelps and the Realtors

Last week the upstanding Greater Chapel Hill Association of Realtors* announced they were endorsing realtor Joe Phelps for at-large County Commissioner (as well as farmer Earl McKee in district 2). How in-depth was the research behind this endorsement? They didn't even look at the other candidates.

The association said neither Jacobs nor Broun approached them about an endorsement.

“If we had been, we would have met with them and listened to their views,” Zimmerman said.

Daily Tar Heel: "Realtor association at odds with Carrboro mayor over endorsement" April 21, 2010 

Help The Daily Tar Heel connect with the community

Last year, when I took a job as city editor of The Daily Tar Heel, it was clear to me that our role in Chapel Hill, Carrboro and Orange County was growing. We needed to be proactive with our coverage to fill a gap left as other local news organizations scaled back.

As I prepare to be the DTH  editor-in-chief in the fall, I know filling that gap means more than just providing the news -- it means letting people in the community know they can count on us to do so.

Because we're a student-run newspaper catered primarily to a University audience, we need to work harder to let you know you can trust our coverage of local issues, from elections to business to the waste transfer station debate.



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