Last open thread of 2004

Is anyone left here? I sort of like the ghost town that Chapel Hill becomes at the holidays (and summer, wonderful summer...)

Anyone want to share best-of-2004 stories? Keep it local and keep it positive, I'm going to be strict on this like the endorsement threads.

Open Thread on The Day After

Although I don't consider it over, I do consider the 2004 Presidential race quite demoralizing. For so many people to have worked so hard to have it be this close really makes you want to give up on national politics.

But the great thing is that we can look at the good outcome of our local races and many of our state races and be reminded of how much more impact we can make at the local level. This is what this website is all about.

Imagine if just a fraction of the energy that Orange County poured into the presidential races was directed toward the municipal election next fall. We could have a grassroots revolution on our hands! Let's take all the lessons we learned this year about community organizing and put them to work here at home where we can really make a difference.

Consider this an open thread to discuss whatever is on your mind today about local, state, and national elections this year... or next.

In Other News

Like many of you, I have been so wrapped up in the presidential horse race, it's been hard to pay attention to local issues lately. But lest these stories fall entirely through the cracks, here are a few notable news items from this week:

CHN 10/26/04: County sees increase in voter rolls
Due to overdue list cleanup, there are only 665 more voters registered in Orange County than we had in 2000, but there are 2,493 more voters registered as unaffiliated.

DTH 10/26/04: Businesses offer voting incentives
Local businesess are offerring deals for voters.

DTH 10/26/04: Town mulls building height
Carrboro continues the debate of 3 stories versus 5 stories, tries to buffer neighborhoods better.

Open election thread

Talk about write-ins, endorsements, the OP voter guide, what-have-you...

What's wrong with the Indy's endorsements? Is a vote for Nader as good as a vote for Bush?

What do you think of one-stop early voting? Is it advancing democracy or messing up the process?

Fourth vandal attack on local advocate

I don't get offended by much, but this is really shocking to me:

A woman who has been fighting to stop high school students from drinking at unsupervised parties had three vehicles egged [and received an obscene note] at her home...

It's the fourth such incident since Pratt-Wilson went public with her concerns that local teenagers seem to have easy access to alcohol and that parents aren't properly supervising their children.

The first incident occurred July 14, when someone threw beer bottles and trash in Pratt-Wilson's yard, Cousins said. The second incident occurred July 23, when someone broke the right side mirror off her car, cracked the windshield and put a dent in the door above the window, according to the police.
- Chapel Hill Herald, Police Log, 10/18/04



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