How do I get my post on the front page?

Anyone who completes the registration process on OrangePolitics can publish blog entries. However, only users with editorial privileges can promote entries to the front page of the site*. Here are some of the criteria for determining whether to front page a post:

  • Is it locally specific, or least relevant?
  • Does it present useful insights and/or credible information?
  • Is it consistent with the progressive politics of this web site?
  • Is the author's identity clear, preferably with a full name?
  • Does it contain unique content (as opposed to copying the text of an article or press release)?

Even if it is not promoted, there are other ways for people to find your entries...

  1. Whenever a new comment is posted, the thread is listed under "Hot Topics" in the left sidebar.
  2. The highest rated posts of the past week also show up in the left sidebar.
  3. New posts by members of your watchlist are also in the left sidebar.
  4. All new posts are listed under the Latest content link in the right sidebar.

We reserve the right to make editorial changes to submitted blog entries (especially when they are being promoted to the front page) to improve readability, clarity, and organization.* As of the summer of 2009, the people with editorial privileges on OP are: Ruby Sinreich and Brian Russell. (We expect the list of editors to grow in the future.)



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