County Commish Candidates '08

Here are some hastily scribbled notes from last night's forum to meet the new cast of county commissioner candidates hosted by the Dem Women of OC.

From the DWOC handouts :

OC is going to a 7 member CC Plan; D1 = 3 members, D2 = 2 members + 2 "At Large" members. District 1 is the 71,389 people in the Chapel Hill-Carrboro School District. District 2 is the 44,142 of us that make up the rest of the rest of the county. In 2008 4 commissioners will be elected. D1 gets 2 seats, D2 gets one seat and one "At-Large" seat. 3 Commishes are not up for re-election until 2010: Alice Gordon, Barry Jacobs and Mike Nelson.

From notes:

Valerie Foushee D1 - (D-CH) uncontested "safe seat" - spoke on community mental health needs and diversity in housing, said state offered current county commissioners only 2 choices in raising taxes: land transfer tax or sales tax, which she sees as more regressive

Mary M. Wolfe - At Large -- absent

Women for Neal Event

A coworker of mine is organizing this event. Here is the information below:


Filing starts today!

Keep your eyes on the Board of Elections website starting at noon today. Since there are a number of candidates that have already declared to the media, I expect them to come out strong and try to scare off potential competitors quickly. It will be interesting to see in which districts some of them choose to run, especially incumbent Valerie Foushee.

I am going to be very busy with work (again, ug) so please post any new additions to that page in the comments here. Links to candidate websites are especially appreciated. :-)

Chapel Hill-Carrboro Board of Education

Chapel Hill-Carrboro Board of Education (choose up to 3):

· Jean Hamilton
· Jeff Danner
· Lisa Stuckey
· Pam Hemminger


Mayor (choose 1):

· Alex Zaffron
· Mark Chilton

Board of Aldermen (choose up to 3):

· Catherine Devine
· David Marshall
· Jacquelyn Gist
· John Herrera
· Katrina Ryan
· Randee Haven-O'Donnell




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