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This Week in Orange Politics: May 4-10

The week in county politics starts tonight when the Chapel Hill Town Council will consider what to do with its vacant seat and continue Tuesday when the county commissioners review solar power development and Carrboro Alderfolks get an overview of the town’s budget for the upcoming year. Later in the week, the Chapel Hill-Carrboro School Board will consider approving several policy changes.

Both the county school board and Hillsborough Town Board will be on break this week.

Here’s the whole rundown:


Town Council Meets to Discuss Seat Vacancy and Hear from Applicants

This past Monday, April 27, The Chapel Hill Town Council met to discuss potentially filling its vacant seat and to hear from six residents who applied for the position.

While applicant Paul Neebe could not make it, Kevin Hicks, Adam Jones, Michael Parker, Amy Ryan and Gary Shaw each spoke to the board for about 5 minutes to explain why they should be appointed.

The first to speak was Kevin Hicks, who was previously on the town’s Justice in Action Committee, and served on the Community Policing Advisory Committee. He currently serves on a small handful of boards in the Triangle area that focus on youth, bicycling and greenways. He spent the bulk of his presentation keeping an eye towards growth, children, and education. Additionally, he wanted to see more programming directed at children during their after school time and more inclusive efforts to close the achievement gap.

This Week in Orange Politics: April 27-May 3

Two big items are the agenda this week for Orange County’s governing bodies. Tonight, the Chapel Hill Town Council will meet to discuss potentially filling its vacant seat, and on Tuesday, the county commissioners will meet with both of the county’s school boards to discuss budgets for the upcoming fiscal year and a potential bond for capital needs in 2016.

Elsewhere across the county, the Carrboro Alderfolks will talk about rezoning the Triem Lot and the Chapel Hill Town Council will consider the potential 2016 bond and Obey Creek. The Hillsborough Town Board will will review applications for an affordable housing project, while the county school board will discuss its IT operations.

Here’s the whole rundown:


Six Apply for Vacant Chapel Hill Town Council Seat

Wednesday marked the deadline for applying to be appointed to the Chapel Hill Town Council seat vacated by Matt Czajkowski when he resigned earlier this year.

A total of six folks applied. You can read their applications online, and find a short description of each candidate's background in a news release issued by the town. In a special meeting of the Council on Monday at 6 p.m., each candidate will have the opportunity to make brief remarks on why they're most qualified, and the following week, on Monday, May 4, the Council will decide whether or not to make an appointment.

This Week in Orange Politics: April 20-26

It’ll be another busy week for Orange County’s elected bodies this week. The Hillsborough Town Board and county commissioners will hold a joint meeting covering an array of subjects from transit to economic development, while the commissioners will talk solid waste and the potential 2016 bond referendum earlier in the week.

The Carrboro Alderfollks will review the progress of the town’s parking management plan, while the Chapel Hill Town Council will hear comments on proposed changes to the Ephesus-Fordham form-based code district.

The Chapel Hill-Carrboro School Board will consider its policy on weapons and work on revising the calendars for upcoming school years, while the Orange County School Board will have a meeting of its policy committee. Details on that have not been released.

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Here’s the whole rundown:




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