Stealing from the poor

I would like to give a big raspberry to the hooligans who stole the bicycle and cart used by two local volunteer food programs. Boo, hiss.

I didn't even know about these two efforts, so the silver lining is that we all get a good reminder that there are hungry people in our own community, and we can always be doing more to help.

The cart is silver-colored, made of aluminum and is about eight feet long. A person pulling one on a bicycle can haul about 300 pounds on it.


Two groups use the cart and bike in their work, Ryans said. One group called Comida no Migra, which means food not border patrol, uses them to distribute free food in the Abbey Court area, where many Hispanic people and day laborers live.

That group has been distributing food to that area for about two years.

The second group, which shares some members with Comida no Migra, is called the Northside Free Grocery Program, Ryans said. That program was started about five or six months ago, he explained.



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