The Public in Public Hearings

I am responding to various comments I've noticed here and there about public involvement in governance. The primary stimulus was David Beck's post Is the 300 East Main proposal worth supporting?, in which he stated, "It seems there is a surprisingly low amount of public focus on a project that will undoubtedly reshape Carrboro," which was followed by some comments about the frequency and openness of the public hearings (here, here, here, and here). Similar sentiments can be found in the posts Increase Citizen Input and Desperately seeking Democracy.

My question is this: By what means are citizens made aware of significant events in our local politics?

Great Local Commuting List-serv Resource for Bikers and Pedestrians

Just wanted to share a great list-serv with discussions on commuting, whether by bike or foot or public transportation.  Discussions range from homages to injured community members to pending laws and legal issues to strategic routes in our local area.

RTP_bike_ped list-serv 


I personally have nothing to do with this list-serv.  I rely upon it for much insight, discussion and information for alternative transportation in the local area. 


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