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Rosemary Imagined Social Event

From the Town of Chapel Hill's press release:


Are you feeling both social and persuasive? Do you have a creative vision for the future of Rosemary Street that others should embrace? We want to hear it! Join community members, Town and University leaders, and downtown business and property owners for the: 

Rosemary Imagined Social Event 
Tuesday, September 10 
6:30 to 8 p.m. 
TRU Deli + Wine 
114 Henderson Street, Chapel Hill 

Rosemary Imagined is an innovative community-led planning initiative that will refine our thinking of how Rosemary Street fits into the development and growth of downtown Chapel Hill. Come for information, conversation, and imagination about Rosemary Street and share your thoughts! 

But this is not your ordinary information session. Everyone will have the opportunity to share their most vibrant desire for the future of Rosemary Street and then use their powers of persuasion to gather votes from the crowd! This is one public meeting where working the room is encouraged! Light refreshments will be provided for all to enjoy. 

This event is part of a 10 month process of engagement with the Town of Chapel Hill and community members to bring together several recent initiatives into a complete vision for the future of the Rosemary Street corridor.  

For more information contact: 
Dwight Bassett at 919-969-5015 
and Meg McGurk at 919-967-9440 or email them at


Tuesday, September 10, 2013 - 6:30pm to 8:00pm


TRU, 114 Henderson Street, Chapel Hill

Rosemary Imagined: New process to develop our community dream for Rosemary Street

Rosemary Street in downtown Chapel Hill has a lot of untapped potential and is already a vibrant intersection for students and permanent residents (including long-time residents of the historically African American Northside neighborhood). The Town of Chapel Hill Economic Development Office and the Chapel Hill Downtown Partnership have teamed up to create a new process they are calling 'Rosemary Imagined,' which they are promoting as "an innovative community-led process to refine our thinking of how Rosemary Street fits into the development and growth of Downtown Chapel Hill."



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