Town of Chapel Hill

The town has posted 2020 theme survey results, but the formatting is terrible. Can anyone help me get this into readable text?

Chapel Hill vs Carrboro

Chapel Hill and Carrboro are related but they have significant differences. I love them both like family. I feel like their little brother constantly annoyed with one or the other but will remain steadfastly in love with them both 'til the day I die. Many of my fellow Chapel Hillians do not understand these differences. They see Franklin Street and Main Street in Carrboro as one long business thoroughfare. It's not. I don't mean to pick on Chapel Hill residents, both students and townies, but if you don't spend a lot of time in Carrboro you wouldn't know. The Towns have very unique histories that contain deep seated differences forged in race, class, and ideology. All fueled by the money and intellectual power of the University of North Carolina.   Yesterday I had a great conversation with several Chapel Hillians. They were a retired Town of Chapel Hill employee, a downtown business leader, a few University employees, and others who I do not know well.

Do you have a stake in Chapel Hill's future?

If you've been following the creation of Chapel Hill's new Comprehensive Plan, then you know that the Town Council has selected a 15-member (plus 2 unnamed Council Members) "Initiating Committee" which is charged with developing the process through which the CP will be envisioned and created. The next step is to create a broad committee of what the Council calls "Stakeholders" who will serve as something like a huge focus group and light weight advisory committee throughout the CP process.

Below is the Town's announcement and URL for more CP information, including a well-hidden link to the application form to become a Stakeholder (also below under More info). I get the sense that no-one with a pulse and a Chapel Hill address will be turned away, but I'm not certain about that.

Council Work Session on Chapel Hill Comprehensive Plan

"At the Council's retreat on February 4, 2011, the Council requested an additional opportunity to discuss the update of the Town's Comprehensive Plan. This work session will continue the Council's conversation about the Comprehensive Plan and include discussion with representatives of the National Civic League and Deliberative Democracy." 


Thursday, March 17, 2011 - 7:00pm


Library Meeting Room, 100 Library Drive, Chapel Hill

Should the Chapel Hill Town Council be a member of the Chamber of Commerce?

There was an interesting essay in the Chapel Hill News by Steve Hutton which asked the question: "Should government agencies be members of the N.C. Chamber of Commerce or any of the over 160 local chambers?"

The Chapel Hill Town Council is currently a member of the local CoC. Is this a good idea?



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