Consultants give us county info

Have y'all seen the web site that the County's consultant set up about the new site search process? At the Orange County Transfer Station Siting Website, visitors can find background, details on the siting criteria, and upcoming meetings.. This is a good start and represents an improvement on the amount of information previously available.

My wishes are that:

  1. They would provide a syndicated feed so that we can follow updates to the site without having to visit each page every day to see whether there's something new.
  2. The COUNTY ought to provide this kind of information on it's own website, since this is the people's information, and should do this for more projects. Of course, the Towns should do this as well.



 In reference to wish number 2 -

If there are links on the Orange County website to information provided by a consultant, at the request of the County, does it matter where the files are stored?

At the Commissioners' last meeting there was constant reference to locating "waste central" for the county. Within a couple weeks the consultants will be back with their finding. Once they find "waste central" they will begin to work out from there when looking for sites. Hmm...will they be willing to consider a site other than the Rogers Road site? What if in 7 years "waste central" becomes the new "larger than Streets at Southpoint" Buckhorn Village Mall?

How will the waste from a built out Carolina North impact the location of "waste central"?

What are we going to do with all our waste?

Truck it to Virginia after transfering it to 18 wheelers.

Isn't there a more socially responsible answer?

I hope all interested will offer their expertise to the consultants now and in addition attend the OCBOC meeting on Tuesday March 18th at the Southern OC Resource Center on Homestead Road.


While the fact that a new search has been started is positive, there is still much to be concerned about since that decision was made.

1) Oliver Inc is the same consultants that advised the SWAB to site the transfer station on Eubanks. Therefore their objectivity or at best appearance of objectivity is in serious question. The BOCC should not have chosen the same folks.

2) The BOCC's made a decision to delay the community specific criteria including taking Eubanks off the table until after the primary which is the real election to all intents and purposes. The delay looks purely political and an avoidance of political consequences.

3) It is not clear that the current set of criteria meets the DOJ/EPA guidelines and we again will have to wait until after the primary

There still does not seem to be an awareness by the BOCC of the seriousness and strength of the DOJ/EPA complaint. There are over 2000 pages of documentation behind it. It is my understanding that this complaint is about as strong as it gets. The BOCC needs to suppress their egos and take Eubanks off the table. It is my opinion that would end the complaint.


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