NC PLENTY a currency that is trust-able ...

A few months ago I blogged on orangepolitics about the economic meltdown being fertile ground for re-invoking a revamped local exchange system. Today I came across this recent PLENTY article.

Though I am all  for the resurgence of the PLENTY and am thankful to the efforts that have been made to re-invigorate it (as a lot more people should know about it and should be using it!), these latest efforts should be respectful of the work that others have already made in its original creation, dissemination and community participation (not denying that the PLENTY project, until recently, has been neglected). 

Two extremes:

1) A few years ago I remember responding to an NCPLENTY organizational meeting public announcement advertised in the Independent, I went and it had been canceled/postponed? ... no one was there. 

2) Most recently I found out about the resurgence of the PLENTY after a lot of work seems to have already been done without much membership participation and apparently without any public invitations for the larger community to engage.

Whatever the future of the NCPLENTY is I hope that it is balanced:  that it be arrived at through a truely democratic process, publicly-known and open for anyone to participate and that it not go in disrepair as it has in the past ... a currency that is trust-able.




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