Happy Birthday to Us

Today marks six years since I flipped the switch on this blog and started this community of progressive local politics bloggers (and commenters). I looked back at the entries from September 2003, and found some nostalgia (red light cameras) and some the-more-things-change-the-more-they-stay-the-same (candidate forums and Carolina North). In recent years, the OP community has developed a tradition of raising money on the occasion of our birthday. However, last year's fund raising only generated $140 toward the $420 that I pay for our hosting annually. (This is high because I use a service that keeps Drupal up-to-date and running smoothly.) 

I hope we can do better this year, and I'm open to suggestions. For example, should I thank the donors more publicly, or should I be more discreet? Would folks like t-shirts or other gifts to acknowledge their support?

[Izzy] I also know I've been remiss in organizing our quarterly happy hours for a while (of course I have a good reason, shown at right) but I think it would be great to get together at least once before the election. I'll even bring the baby, and let me tell you: he is a treat! I'd like to propose any Thursday in October. Anyone have favorites?

Meanwhile, here is this year's fund raising campaign. Also, here's a link to where you can buy t-shirts (note: colors and styles are customizable). I only make about $2 per shirt, but they're a great way to spread the word and show OP some love.



Thanks for keeping this site going Ruby.  It is often the source of breaking news and it certainly provides its fair share of lively discussions of local issues. 

to the OP!

Much appreciation to George Cianciolo, Jake Goad, and lurker David Neal for their donations today!  You all do great work in the community as well, it's great to have your support.

I also appreciate the recent donations from Graig Meyer, Fred Black, and Brooks Pearson. Way to put your money where your mouth is. :-)We've already beat last year's fundraising, which is fantastic. Hopefully a few more folks will step forward and we can retire this campaign until next year.


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