Missing in Action?

The most recent posts on OrangePolitics are about HOV lanes, Joe Herzenberg, and the Herald-Sun redesign. What's missing is the lawsuit Carrboro won against Marilyn Kille, reports on recent voter forums, discussion of Monday night's Chapel Hill Town Council meeting and the unresolved issue of appointing Bill Strom's replacement. There's not even any mention of the highly contentious chicken slaughter. Ruby's pre-occupied with a new baby and a career. There was a recent post asking if OP is a public resource or Ruby's private playground. The answer may be in how people use the site rather than Ruby's intention.


OK, I've taken your bait and put up a lengthy post on the upcoming regional transit referendum organizing (comment there)

To be fair I think we've also seen a summer lull in addition to the many parts of my life pulling me away from the site. I've always wanted OP to be a community platform, not just a personal soap box. It's true I still act as a "benevolent dictator" here, but that doesn't always have to be the case. I just think it's the best system for where we are right now.Thanks for taking the initiative and I hope others will take the hint like Gerry did. 


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