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When I was interviewed by WCHL reporter Elizabeth Friend for this story, she told me about the new site Chapel Hill Watch started by journalists Don Evans and Nancy Oates. They've posted 17 stories so far, and gotten a smattering of comments. Their "Blogroll" only contains one local site: The Carrboro Citizen. In fact based on their comments to WCHL, I'm not sure that a blog is what they want to be. It sounds more like an online news site. Then again, the writing is quite opinionated, and they're getting corrected by commenters - pretty bloggy!  Maybe the labels don't matter so much anymore.

In any case, I've always said "the more merrier" when it comes to local blogging, and it applies to local journalism, too!  Whichever one they plan to be (or some hybrid), I welcome Don and Nancy's voices to the fray.

(This reminds me, I'd like to revive and update OP's local blogs list. If we could get some help entering the addresses, I'd be able to aggregate their feeds here.  Any volunteers?)



Upon reviewing more of the content, I have to say that CHW seems just as opinionated as OP, and not especially well-informed. It's not clear on the site whether they are blogging on a volunteer basis or if there is some kind of underwriting for the site. Or maybe they plan to take ads?  It seems that getting paid is one of the biggest criteria that separates "journalists" from "bloggers."Anyone know more about them?

The two writers are doing their research and sharing what they learn/hear rather than just spouting opinions or interviewing a few people that clearly have biased views. I'm not sure whether that makes them a blogger or a journalists, but IMHO, the quality of what they are posting is much better than what we see in the "official" newspapers.

Not that there's anything wrong with "spouting opinions" (obviously, coming from me) but Don and Nancy are doing it with gusto. Comparing the Town Council to a Junior High clique, describing East 54 as "a blunt instrument that visually mugs motorists," etc. They seem to have more time to attend meetings than I do, so more power to 'em.

A breath of fresh air! Imagine that, an unedited blog.....


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