Family Man?

When talking to people about the upcoming elections, so often the question they ask is:

"How can I vote for Mark when Matt is a family man?" Or "Mark doesn't have a family so how can he appreciate the school system?" It drives me up the wall for two reasons.

 1) Matt Czajkowski sends his kids to a boarding school in Virginia. How in the world does this make him better able to understand the school system or make him more of a family man then Mark?

2) Mark is gay, and he just had a commitment ceremony. While it might be true that his family life is different, that does not make it any better or worse. People need to accept that a “family man” has more then one meaning.




Having children or not having children has no bearing on suitability for public service. Additionally, the world needs more not fewer stable, loving families, regardless of gender. And lots of families - gay and straight - adopt. I'm sorry some people get caught up on this.For the record, I believe only one of Matt's two children goes to a private boarding school. The other attends a local school. Mark and Matt are both family men in my book.  


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