Election 2009 Maps: Chapel Hill-Carrboro School Board

The maps in this post show the precinct-level results of the Chapel Hill-Carrboro School Board election. The maps are based on unofficial numbers updated on November 6 by the Orange County Board of Elections.

An important note: Approximately 20% of the voters in the Chapel Hill-Carrboro School Board election voted early and could not be represented in the maps below. Thus, these maps are inaccurate to the extent that early voters made different choices than people who voted on Election Day. The overall results among early voters are similar to the Election Day results in this race. However, I cannot draw any conclusions about what precinct-level differences may exist.

The Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools district encompasses all or part of 29 voter precincts in Orange County.

CHCCS Precincts

The next set of maps shows the results for each candidate. Michelle Brownstein received more than 25% of the vote in all but 6 precincts, and with 27% overall she was more than 10% ahead of Greg McElveen and Joe Green, the second- and third-place finishers. Even in her weakest precinct, Lincoln, she received 22% of the vote.

CHCCS: BrownsteinCHCCS: DancyCHCCS: GreenCHCCS Key

CHCCS: GucciardiCHCCS: LeeCHCCS: McElveen



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