How did we do?

OK, first the election results. Congratulations Barry, Earl, Lindy, Debbia, Donna, Brenda, and Anne!  Then, the Pundits of the Year! (I know you can't wait, right?)

These are final UNOFFICIAL results from the NC Board of Elections awesome web site (click the "map" links to see results by precinct)...

Election 2009 Maps: Chapel Hill-Carrboro School Board

The maps in this post show the precinct-level results of the Chapel Hill-Carrboro School Board election.

Election 2009 Maps: Chapel Hill

The maps in this post show the precinct-level results of the Chapel Hill mayoral and council elections.

Election 2009 Maps: Carrboro

The maps in this post show the precinct-level results of the Carrboro mayoral and alderman elections.

More from the Chapel Hill poll

With the election mercifully in the rear view mirror Chapel Hill political observers will now shift their focus to the appointment of a replacement for Bill Strom.

Our poll found voters in town evenly divided on whether one of the losing candidates in yesterday's election should be appointed to fill the Strom seat- 38% in favor, 38% opposed, and 24% unsure.

Trumping that finding with the loss of Jim Merritt though is probably the question we asked about whether Chapel Hillians thought it was important to have an African American on the Town Council.  57% of voters said yes to that with just 28% dissenting, and I imagine given the strong support from the community that's the direction the Council will now go in with the appointment.

Two other key findings from the poll, neither of which is particularly surprising given the returns.  51% of Chapel Hill voters support publicly financed elections with only 31% opposed.  Given Mark Kleinschmidt's win and Penny Rich's first place finish it's clear there was no backlash from that and it's even possible the opposite was true.



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