How did we do?

OK, first the election results. Congratulations Barry, Earl, Lindy, Debbia, Donna, Brenda, and Anne!  Then, the Pundits of the Year! (I know you can't wait, right?)

These are final UNOFFICIAL results from the NC Board of Elections awesome web site (click the "map" links to see results by precinct)...

County Commissioners, At-Large (D)  map

 Percentage Votes 
Joe Phelps  31.76%  3689 
Barry Jacobs (i) 52.74%  6125 
Joal Broun15.50%  1800 

County Commissioners, District 2 (D) map
 Percentage Votes 
 Renee Price49.16% 2636 
 Earl McKee50.84% 2726 
Sheriff (D)  map
 Lindy Pendergrass (i) 68.36% 8016 
 Clarence Birkhead31.64% 3710 


Orange County Board of Education (non-partisan, top 4 are elected) map

Will Atherton 11.49%2423 
Donna Dean Coffey  15.22%3211 
 Keith D. Cook 10.66%2248 
 Anne Medenblik (i) 12.16%2665 
 Laura Nicholson 11.85%2500 
 Debbie Piscitelli (i) 16.76%3534 
 Brenda Stephens12.57%2651 
 Charles (Greg) Williams 8.95%1888 
 Write-in0.34% 71 


[POTY 2010 chart]

Now to discuss the Pundit of the Year results. I'd like to go race-by-race because there were some that almost everyone got right, and some that almost everyone got wrong.

19 of the 22 PoTY players lived in Chapel Hill or Carrboro (ie: District 1), so it's no surprise that the two elections we got wrong were the ones in which we couldn't vote. Given that the two harder-to-call races were both in District 2, I figured the PoTY would likely be someone from the northern or rural parts of the county. I was right and wrong, read on...

To the right is a graphic showing everyone's predictions (without names).

CC, At-Large. All but one of us predicted correctly that Barry Jacobs would win this race. In fact, a majority of us also got the finishing order right.

CC. District 2. Most of us got this wrong, with only 27% correctly putting Earl McKee in the top slot. Since he only won by 90 votes (in the unofficial tally) I don't feel too bad about getting this wrong.

Sheriff. Most of us (82%) knew that Sheriff Pendergrass is a juggernaut that cannot be stopped. ;-) After 28 years, it would have taken a lot to defeat him.

OC School Board. Here's where we really showed our ignorance of what goes on outside Chapel Hill and Carrboro. However, in our defense School Board issues are notoriously hard to follow and there were a lot of candiates. Only 4 of us predicted the winners correctly and none of us got the order right.

The Republicans of the 4th Congressional District surprised everyone by nominating Frank Roche instead of BJ Lawson to run against David Price in the fall. This is barely worth mentioning except that one of us not only predicted the right winner, but also the order of the 4 candidates!  What do you know about Republicans that the rest of us don't, Rickie White? ;-)  

This Congressional Primary will not be counted into the PoTY calculations. Which means that... drumroll please...

The Pundits of the Year are Keith Coleman (News of Orange General Manager) and Mia Burroughs (Chapel Hill-Carrboro School Board Member)!  Congrats!  They'll each be getting a $25 gift certificate to the OP store, or a free drink at every OP happy hour for the next year (their choice).




You should note that the Repugs of the NC-4 district did not nominate Roche.  Only the OC ones voted for him.  Lawson is the overall nominee.


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