"Dream Up Downtown" with the Chapel Hill Downtown Partnership

The Chapel Hill Downtown Partnership is ramping up YOUR involvement in the Chapel Hill downtown with the "Dream Up Downtown Walks." These walks are moving conversations to explore and engage in our downtown. The walks are on the first Thursday of September, October, November and December, beginning at 6 pm at the University Baptist Church Memorial Garden at the corner of Franklin Street and Columbia Street.

These walks are framed by discussing four aspects of the physical environment that surrounds us. The "Dream Up Downtown Walks" are inspired by the ideas of Jane Jacobs, an urbanist who pushed for dense development, local economies, shorter blocks, mixed-use, pedestrianism, and so much more that makes American cities and towns great places to live. The four walks are "Paving Our Pathways," "Inspiring Innovative Spaces," "Culinary Cultural Richness," and "One-Stop Living." These moving conversations will discuss a physical aspect of our downtown, shorter blocks, public spaces for innovation, density, and mixed-use zoning, respectively, and will also give us a chance to get to know a new cultural part of Chapel Hill. We'll get to go to restaurants, new businesses, new mixed-use developments, and more!

The first walk, "Paving Our Pathways" took place on September 6. We got to see The Topo Distillery to learn about this exciting new business in our downtown, while learing about how shorter blocks could make for a better Chapel Hill. Scroll down to see tweets from the first events. More importantly come out to the next walks and engage in YOUR town!



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