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I have copied the letter I submitted today for town council. As of today 5 other people have applied for the position. I look forward to learning about the other candidates. Fifteen years ago when my son was one I  applied for a vacancy. Since then I've served on numerous committees and boards but never ran for office. (My only attempt was in 1990 when I ran for the State House.) More recently I decided not to run because of my aging parents who then passed away. My wife had an illness but she has completely recovered. My son is older and more independent. Teaching always keeps me busy but I now have a much better handle on it. So I am ready to devote myself to Town Council.


Application for Town Council by Loren Hintz                            Jan. 4, 2012


Please consider me for the vacancy in the Chapel Hill Town Council. After serving in the Peace Corps, I moved to Chapel Hill in 1984. I graduated from UNC,  taught in eastern North Carolina for eight years and returned to Chapel Hill in 1992. Since then I have been involved in numerous environmental and community organizations. I have served as Chair of the Chapel Hill Transportation Board. I worked on the  CH Bike and Pedestrian Task Force and the Fordham Boulevard Safety Task Force. I have also participated in the Carolina North and  2020 Vision meetings. Currently I serve on the Orange County Commission for the Environment.

            I would bring to the Council the ability and willingness to listen and work with others. I would support our pedestrian, bike and public transit infrastructure. I would preserve and improve our greenways, parks and open spaces. Overall I am pleased with our community efforts to assist the homeless, welcome immigrants, provide low income housing, support the downtown, reduce our carbon footprint and address local and national issues. However, We need to do a better job implementing the recommendations of the various Boards and Task Forces the town has created to address these and other issues.  I would also like to see town government become more proactive in addressing local needs rather than just being complaint driven. Many residents don’t understand  how to contact local government  about problems. Town employees and elected officials should be proactive in finding and addressing those problems.

            I have had the privilege of teaching High School Students in Chapel Hill for the last 18 years. I’ve worked with hundreds of students and parents. I have learned not only what they think about school but also of our community. I would like to serve on Town Council to make Chapel Hill a better place for them and all of us.




Mr. Loren D. Hintz

804 Kings Mill Rd.

Chapel Hill, NC 27517

919-933-8987 (home)




Loren, I apreciate your dedication to local issues and your willingness to serve the community in a variety of capacities over the last 15 years. I remember your first run for Council! I think you'd be a good addition to the body, but I also think now is the perfect time to Sally Greene to re-join the Council since she will hit the ground running and offers so much policy experience on a wide range of issues. I strongly support her appointment to this position.I hope that you wil run for election again if you aren't appointed this year.  Good luck!


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