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I was voter 38 today Oct. 20 at Chapel Hill Library. The first day of early in person voting.

Any one else posting about the November election?

Primary Election

I have been receiving via mail several fliers a week for the May 17, 2022. I don't see anymore posts on OrangePolitics. Early voting is April 28-May 14. Voting now is good practice for the big Senate race this fall. I will be voting for Valerie Foushee for Congress. I have known her since her son was at CHHS where I taught. She has lots of experience in local politics and at the state legislature. Best wishes.

Candidates state and federal officices 22

So I am receiving  lots of announcements from candidates for local house and senate seats and for US Congress. David and Verla said they were not running for reelection. Anyone else not running? Who else is running? And of course, Happy Thanksgiving.

november local elections

So only one incumbent running for Chapel Hill Town Council and none for school board.


Library openings

UNC libraries continue to be closed. You can order books online and pick them up at Davis. (The web portal is a pain.) But Orange County and Chapel Hill Libraries are opening this month. Time to browse and read!





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