Library openings

UNC libraries continue to be closed. You can order books online and pick them up at Davis. (The web portal is a pain.) But Orange County and Chapel Hill Libraries are opening this month. Time to browse and read!



Dear Chapel Hill, 
I am excited to share with you that starting on Thursday, July 8 you will be able to browse the stacks on our main level. I know that many of you have been patiently waiting for this to happen while we’ve been working hard to prepare our spaces and our staff to take this next step on our Path to Re-opening
Our staff will continue to wear masks and we ask that you do as well. That’s because we serve so many kids under 12 and they are not vaccinated yet. It’s also the Town’s current policy that masks be worn in all Town facilities. That’s why we’ll be wearing them – and hope you do, too.
We’ll ask you to keep your visits brief, and we will start with some occupancy limits in order to make sure everything is going smoothly. As we adjust to this new phase, we’ll adjust those limits. We’ve also removed the furniture from the main level in order to keep visits brief.  
If you don’t feel comfortable coming into the building, you can request items and pick them up at University Place Lockers. If you need to use a computer or printer, those are available on our lower level. If you need a place to meet or to work, our terrace is lovely right now.  
Oh, and one other thing – starting on July 11, we are restoring Sunday hours! Here’s what our hours of operations will be after that:  
Monday 10 am – 6 pm 
Tuesday 10 am – 7 pm 
Wednesday CLOSED 
Thursday 10 am – 6 pm 
Friday 10 am – 6 pm 
Saturday 10 am – 5 pm 
Sunday 10 am – 5 pm 



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