BOCC adds $250k Social Justice Fund to OC budget, 1st suggested use to cover child care costs for job seekers


Molly - hold on.   The discussion started with Bernadette asking for $150,000 to cover child care costs - and Mark suggested making the number bigger and the topic broader.  Bernadette then suggested the $250,000 number - and all the commissioners agreed. The commissioners all did a great job on this and everyone was supportive - Its a social safety net - and, its become a yearly event.  If we insist on giving credit - lets make sure we get it right.  ThanksBonnie Hauser

Bonnie, Molly was just putting 2 of my real-time tweets from last night together.  Always a dangerous thing.  Your account is more accurate, mine was misleading not for malice or credit-taking but simply b/c Twitter not well designed for full account.-James

Actually it was Barry who suggested more money and to cover all social issues as the BOCC has done in the past. There is always a safty net fund. This is nothing new. 

Molly - is it possible to take this post down - or correct the headline?  As you know many people wont take the time to read it - and the headline is misleading. Bonnie Hauser

The proposal was from Bernadette for 150,000 for the social net. I requested it go to 200,000 and then Bernadette requested that we add an additional 50,000 bring the request to 250,000. Mark wanted to change the name of the funding. The post should reflect this. Penny 

The blurt title has been changed. I look forward to following how this new Fund will be used.

Not a new fund. This fund has been in every budget for as far as I can remember. This money is only used to cover what the state will not fund in order to help our citizens in need. By no means is this enough to cover it all, but we can help a bit by setting aside money every year as a Social Saftey Net - now called the Social Justice Fund.

Bonnie Hauser


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