Long lag time for BOCC meeting minutes

Last week I wanted to know what happened at a previous Orange County Commissioner meeting. When I went to the county web-site to read the minutes, the most recent minutes available were from almost two months ago.

I understand that county staff people may be over-burdened and that budgetary concerns have resulted in less staff than we used to have. However, it is essential for effective governance that citizens have timely access to the minutes of meetings.

So I decided to find out how we stacked up. In order of timeliness, here are the winners (municipalities selected more or less randomly).

If we truly believe that citizen involvement is a high priority, our county officials should demand that we have access to the minutes within two weeks of a meeting.

A side note – when I casually googled Forsyth County, I came up with Forsyth County, Georgia and their last available minutes are from 6/10/2014.

BOCC adds $250k Social Justice Fund to OC budget, 1st suggested use to cover child care costs for job seekers

BOCC Regular Meeting


Tuesday, February 5, 2013 - 7:00pm to 10:00pm


Orange County Department of Social Services, 113 Mayo Street, Hillsborough

BoCC races to hammer out Transit Tax Agreement before election

At the eleventh hour, the BoCC is still working through important issues on the transit plan - including whether Chapel Hill Transit (CHT) can use the new sales tax funds for existing service. Under the current agreement, they cannot.  This is of particular concern given CHT's reliance on UNC funds and routing.  The current plan does not allow CHT to use sales tax funds to change their routes to fill in possible gaps created by changes in UNC''s routes.

Its hard to understand why this is coming up for the first time -but at least people may finally start talking about how the transit plan impacts CHT and the bus system that everyone loves.   Its especially difficult to understand why the county is so anxious to give control over transit to TTA. 

Great report by Chapelboro's Elizabeth Friend 

The video of the meeting is a worth a look

Commissioners Move Interlocal Agreement Forward

In a crowded meeting last night, the Board of County Commissioners reviewed and discussed the proposed interlocal implementation agreement for the recently adopted transit plan. The discussion centered around a few questions: who would be party to the agreement, who would have control over how much of the revenues brought in from the transit tax. I've excerpted the part of the more than 400-page agenda packet that concerns the agreement here for you to see the draft of the agreement itself.



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