Long lag time for BOCC meeting minutes

Last week I wanted to know what happened at a previous Orange County Commissioner meeting. When I went to the county web-site to read the minutes, the most recent minutes available were from almost two months ago.

I understand that county staff people may be over-burdened and that budgetary concerns have resulted in less staff than we used to have. However, it is essential for effective governance that citizens have timely access to the minutes of meetings.

So I decided to find out how we stacked up. In order of timeliness, here are the winners (municipalities selected more or less randomly).

If we truly believe that citizen involvement is a high priority, our county officials should demand that we have access to the minutes within two weeks of a meeting.

A side note – when I casually googled Forsyth County, I came up with Forsyth County, Georgia and their last available minutes are from 6/10/2014.

Buncombe County6/3/2014
Dare County6/2/2014
Wake County6/2/2014
Carrboro Aldermen5/27/2014
Watauga County5/20/2014
Durham County5/12/2014
Craven County4/19/2014
Guilford County4/17/2014
Cabarrus County4/15/2014
Orange County4/15/2014
Chatham County3/17/2014
Chapel Hill1/27/2014
Forsyth County12/16/2013


Videos are easy to make available quickly, as are condensed, summary minutes which list items discussed, votes, and future scheduling of items. The summary minutes could include the times in the video that specific items are discussed for people who want to get more detail. This could enable a very quick turn-around.   

If you click on an agenda item below the videos today, it will jump to that section.  Doesn't help for extremely huge discussions, but it sort-of offers what you're asking for.


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