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Today I completed the State Board of Elections 5 part training module for campaign committee treasurers. I took it as the candidate so I could see what my treasurer has to do. The basic campaign contribution limit is $4000 but Chapel Hill has a special maximum of $300. Will the state legislature rules about preventing local governments from being more strict than state or federal laws cause that to be changed?  There is a long list of individuals (including immediate family) and groups whom are not limited to $4000. There are special campaign rules about media for example the size the wording of the statement that candidate committees have to place on their ads. Media includes a mass mailing of 500 or more pieces but it does not include any electronic media such as web pages or blogs. Will that change? Should it? I also took the time today to call Sen. Phil Berger (919-733-5708) and Tom Apodaca (733-5745) and complain about the proposed changes to election law: reduced time for early voting, restrictive voter ID requirement, reduced campaign disclosure requirements, new $5000 maximum donation etc. We live in interesting times.




Smart of you to do this, Loren. I agree with the many troubling questions raised by the NC GOP attack on democracy as we know it. I think it's going to get worse before it can get better. 

Now, more than ever, local governments need to communicate strong stands to the state and federal governments. There is a laissez-faire, compliant attitude that local governments should not involve themselves in the "things they don't have power to change". So we've drifted along, as state and federal policies have cramped and crippled our ability to manifest our values in our local communities. Over the years the timid and the "don't rock the boat" partisans have allowed local governments to be enablers of dangerous behavior by the state and federal governments. In the absence of strong feedback or resistance from local governments, the state and fed pols feel secure that they will go basically unchallenged from below.  


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