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Thanks to all the folks who came out to the organizational meeting of the Chapel Hill Town Council. It was incredibly exciting to take the oath of office, especially with my family and friends there and Rep. Larry Hall doing the honors. I forgot to thank Mr. Fred Battle for all his help and support and wish I had. There were so many people there that I wanted to thank. GRACIAS!  I am really excited about my committee assignments: Parks and Recreation CommissionPersonnel Appeals CommitteeTransportation BoardFirefighters’ Relief FundGreenways Commission. It will be a busy year for sure. Looking forward to serving the community,




Congratulations Maria and everyone who was sworn in last night.Do you know where we can obtain a list of all of the 2013-2015 council member committee assignments? I didn't see anything in the council email archive and it hasn't been reflected on the council member biographies on the town website yet.

I attended last nights meeting and sorry I  didn't congratulate all  members of town council .But  I m doing it now. Please  see my current blog Down But Not Out on this site for my future Plans if interested, Thank you, Gary Kahn

I'm so excited to have your voice at the Council table, Maria. And thanks so much for staying in touch with OP throughout your campaign. I know you have experience from CH2020, but also your new colleague George Cianciolo will be a great resource as you delve even deeper into transportation issues.  I'm looking forward to good ideas and principled leadership from you!

It is always great seeing the transition from one Council to another. Congrats to the new members and the retiring ones. Does any one know the status of the revised advisory boards? From the appointments it looks like the old boards are all in place.Loren

Loren, The current boards will remain in place until June 30.  The Council's vote a couple of weeks ago was to move forward with the 2020 realignment, but there's still work to do regarding board membership and possibly some tweeks to the various board charges to address some overlap, etc. Follow me on Twitter @MayorMarkK or on Facebook or

Congratulations Maria on a successful campaign and I loved your "gifts" and the story behind them at the organizational meeting.   The council will truly benefit from your experiences!   You clearly were so excited (as I sat behind you in the audience prior to your swearing in) and that enthusiasm will carry you far.  I am so glad for you.   Congratulations!      Laurin


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