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Why Am I Running Again? Let Me Count the Reasons

I love Chapel Hill, its beautiful tree-lined avenues, its festivals and celebrations, its Tar Heel pride and progressive, forward-thinking residents. I am seeking a second term on the Chapel Hill Town Council because I believe even a great community can be better. I believe we can make Chapel Hill better than it’s ever been.

Council Member Matt Czajkowski is leaving Chapel Hill

It was a surprise to all of us on Town Council, judging from the reactions around the dais, to hear Council Member Matt Czajkowski resign effective March 30. He is moving to Kigali to work on providing clean water and economic development. I know the Council will be very different without him and the elections in November very interesting. Here's wishing the family all kinds of success!! 

Ready to Work for Chapel Hill!

Thanks to all the folks who came out to the organizational meeting of the Chapel Hill Town Council. It was incredibly exciting to take the oath of office, especially with my family and friends there and Rep. Larry Hall doing the honors. I forgot to thank Mr. Fred Battle for all his help and support and wish I had. There were so many people there that I wanted to thank. GRACIAS!  I am really excited about my committee assignments: Parks and Recreation CommissionPersonnel Appeals CommitteeTransportation BoardFirefighters’ Relief FundGreenways Commission. It will be a busy year for sure. Looking forward to serving the community,


Lots and lots of meetings, forums

Four more interviews this week and a forum. I am looking forward to my interview with the AFL-CIO tomorrow. Then Saturday Morgan Cr./Kings Mill Neighborhood forum in the morning and Sierra Club interviews in the afternoon. At this rate, I will have met every Chapel Hill voter by the time the elections roll around... at least every one who is planning on voting.  There are so many interest groups and associations in our town! We really understand the power of working together.

What a wonderful town we live in!!! 

First forum--great fun was had by all

Yesterday was the first candidate's forum. Lots of interesting questions and a great audience. I felt I was asked a great question--what do we do about flooding--and had the opportunity to share my ideas:
1. We engage the best engineers to deal with the problems we already have. (We have incredible know-how and world-class expertise right here, surrounded by the best universities and probably folks who have solved flooding in Bangladesh and other world-sized problems)
2. We don't build where it is not safe. 
Mt introductory speech got "edited" as I spoke. I have tried to edit my notes to reflect what I actually said, but I may have missed some details.



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