"Current conditions: Heavy Snow & Freezing Fog"

I already wish I had never heard the term "freezing fog." What is this fresh, freezing cold, hell?

I'm sitting in my home office looking out on Umstead Drive where the cars have been sitting still for at least the last 10 minutes. Have heard reports of at least two people who got stuck and are walking home miles in the snow. 

Apparently, this is the stormaggeddon we've been waiting for.  I can't wait until it freezes tonight!

How are y'all doing?



Picked up the kids at early dismissal (I hope Todd LoFrese takes great pride in making exactly the right call today), had time to grab sandwiches at Merritt's before home (though streets were already covered in the 15 min it snowed while we were in there).  Kids are playing Wii while we do a little work -- real issue is it seems the satellite dish isn't working, so game tonight will be old-fashioned radio enjoyment!  Might watch a little Olympics on-line before that.

I'm loving it. If I had a young child or two and a dog or two, I might be frazzled. Who is out today creating a snowman? Perhaps everyone could take a picture of their creations and send them in to entertain us. 


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