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A few days of no electricity restores the ability to think in complete sentences ... dare I suggest - even paragraphs?

My street - a mile-long cut-in near Camp New Hope- suffered a downed power line across the road. Very dangerous. Not only was the line down, the pole from whence it came was jutting out at about 45 degrees, as though it wanted to fall but lacked the nerve. It was falling not from ice, but from mud. The ground it sits on just off the road and up a few feet in elevation was giving way. Nerve wracking to drive under and scary to imagine it coming down. From Friday morning until yesterday (Sunday) afternoon, we watched and waited. Though Piedmont trucks were often nearby, we didn't see them in the neighborhood until yesterday afternoon. Not even to evaluate. No cones - nothing.

"Current conditions: Heavy Snow & Freezing Fog"

I already wish I had never heard the term "freezing fog." What is this fresh, freezing cold, hell?

I'm sitting in my home office looking out on Umstead Drive where the cars have been sitting still for at least the last 10 minutes. Have heard reports of at least two people who got stuck and are walking home miles in the snow. 

Apparently, this is the stormaggeddon we've been waiting for.  I can't wait until it freezes tonight!

How are y'all doing?

BREAKING: Central campus buildings evacuated due to bomb threat

I just heard this announced on WCHL. The Daily Tar Heel web site has the scoop, in spite of being turned out of their office in the Union:

9:45 p.m., SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 15 -- The student union, Davis Library and the Undergraduate Library were evacuated Sunday night due to a bomb threat. The Daily Tar Heel office was also evacuated. According to witness reports, police are informing students to stay away from the Pit. Police came into Davis Library and told Lindy Beyer, assistant night supervisor, that there was a "credible threat." She announced over the intercom that library patrons should evacuate, but did not announce the bomb threat. Beyers said she can not be sure if the library is empty at this time. The police are currently sweeping the Pit with dogs. We will continue to update this story as we get new information.

- Daily Tar Heel: Union, Davis Library evacuated, 2/15/08


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